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Erosion blankets

GREENFIX erosion blankets protect  and prevent erosion. GREENFIX products are easy to install and cost-effective to use. They also include ready-made seed erosion blankets, which can be used to guarantee rapid growth.

GREENFIX blankets are natural protections and facilitators of the growth of grass seeds and the development of growth, which protects surfaces against erosion. The blankets are made with organic materials: coconut fibre, straw, hay, recycled cotton, etc. They are kept together by biodegradable netting. The blankets are easy to handle and to install. Erosion blankets are a good way to create erosion-protected surfaces quickly.

Organic erosion blankets are suitable for slopes and embankments. They are made with various fibre combinations, depending on the need for durability and tensile strength. When using basic erosion blankets, the surfaces must be hydroseeded and fertilised. We also have available weed-prevention blankets, which are reinforced with a starch film, and ready-made seeded erosion blankets.

We also have stronger erosion blankets on offer, which are reinforced with e.g. polypropylene or metal mesh. Our erosion blankets offer high quality. They protect installation sites against erosion in the best possible way.

I APPLICATION: GREENFIX Erosion blanket 7 is installed in a new canal with hydroseeding and spray fertilisation.

II APPLICATION: Slope protection GREENFIX 9/10 bush erosion blanket is installed in a slope area. Under normal circumstances, bushes grow poorly on ramps in dry conditions. The underlying starch film coating speeds up the growth by a factor of 2 or 3, and keeps the weeds away for the first years of growth.

III APPLICATION: GREENFIX Covamat plus seed erosion blanket has been used to build a runoff water retention basin. The growth develops quickly, because the seeds and fertilisers are contained in the blanket. Covamat fresh blanket option also includes soil, making growth immediate.

IV APPLICATION: Coconut rolls can be used to shape a new water basin or water canal.

IV APPLICATION: GREENFIX Ero 400 blanket can be used to support a slope on the surface or under a layer of soil. The erosion blanket is installed inside the layers of the earth, causing roots to grow through the blanket and thus supporting the slope. Also available is a version where the seeds are within the blanket in a layer of soil. Such as Covamat plus. For strong erosion protection!

Jute blanket
Woven coconut mesh
Embankment blanket
Blanket reinforced with metal meshing etc.

Our products

Greenfix coir nets provide strong and durable protection in the short to middle term for erosion prevention on slopes and embankments. The expected decomposition time for the net is 3 to 5 years. Manufactured with 100% high-quality coir fibres. The net is available in three different quality classes.

A flower meadow or a hay roof can be made with a seed erosion blanket and ZinCo Floradrain 40 water retaining- and drainage element. The benefit of the seed erosion blanket Covamat F3 fireproof is that the seeds and fertilisers will not drain away with rainwater or the wind, but they will stay in place and guarantee a growing start. We have implemented several roofs with this method.

GREENFIX have expanded their selection to include a covering solution for gabion baskets - a new innovation to create green walls!

Greenfix River Mat RM100 is a biodegradable sediment pocket mat. When attached to the bottom of a waterway and placed downstream from an affected area, the River Mat RM100 will stay flat and trap sediments that travel with the stream.

Greenfix 7 erosion blanket is used to prevent erosion e.g. on ramps, terraces or new water conduction canals

Mulch spats are intended for individual plant protection. Mulch spats are available as a ready cut version with a hole in the middle.

GREENFIX 11 bush erosion mat consists of cocoa fibres and two biomembranes/starch foil layers, which have been sewn together. 

Greenfix Ero 400 embankment mat is used at sites where stronger erosion protection is needed.

The coir log contains loose coir fibre mass, which is bound with a coir net or a geonet (GEO 50). Coir logs can be used to support re-established river lines or pool structures and to fix existing structures. Coir logs are suitable for installation in sites where water flows, rises, and recedes to prevent erosion.

GREENFIX Covamat mats are ready-seeded erosion blankets.

Fireproof erosion blankets are used where there is a need to account for fireproofing in erosion protection sites, e.g. close to commercial buildings, service stations, and railroad tracks. Natural fibres can be used, but fireproofed products are chosen.

The Rockmat combines the benefits of erosion mats with steel reinforcement and long-term protection for weak slopes or walls. The Rockmat provides protection for areas where rabbits, foxes, etc. dig holes into steep slopes  and thus create instability.

Greenfix root ball mat was developed to enable an all year supply of trees and bushes of certain container strains. The root ball mat consists of two layers of natural fibres with a biomembrane in between. It is permeable by air and water, and retains sufficient moisture in the root ball due to its unique fibre/membrane structure to prevent drying.

There are various fasteners available for affixing mats, which are used to avoid mats from rising up and thus from getting removed from areas that need plant protection or coverage. To get the best performance, you need to pay attention to fastener selection.

Greenfix fasteners include 200mm and 300mm steel fasteners, 300mm wooden pegs, and 150mm biofasteners.