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EcoSurface safety platform on the playground of a housing company, colour blue-khaki mix.

The slope is supported by a Geoweb cell protection system and a Greenfix erosion blanket.

Installed in 2019 and 2020.

Installed in 2019, pictures taken during installation.

Installed in 2019.

Covamat plus seed erosion blanket, installed in 2019.

Installed in 2019, pictures taken right after installation.

Milford Outline and Aluexcel edge strips in Mannerheiminpuisto park, 2019.

Movable Elmas planter pools used to block vision on a customer’s terrace.

The plants in the planters were designed and planted by FRI-TEC Oy.

Cocoa mulch used for covering.

Ecoraster soil cells with planted grass on the yard of a car dealership. This creates a green car parking area.

Milford Dakota rubber edge strip installed on-site.

Slope reinforced with Geoweb, covered with a perennial mat.