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Warranty and delivery terms

Our products have a 12-month warranty in case of possible manufacturing errors and raw material defects.

Note! If the warranty period of a product is different, this has been mentioned in the product information (brochures and publications).

The warranty terms are as follows: A warranty is granted for products sold by EG-Trading Oy, which warranty is valid for 12 months starting on the delivery date entered on the list and redeemable upon the presentation of a purchase receipt or covering note. The warranty covers structural, manufacturing, and raw material defects and the repair costs of damages caused by such defects to the product itself. The warranty does not cover defects caused by external factors, negligent or erroneous use, actions undertaken by unauthorised service services or third parties, natural wear and tear, or other causes independent of the warranty provider. The warranty is not valid beyond the borders of the state of Finland. EG-Trading may, at their discretion, replace the product covered by the warranty with another equivalent product. The buyer shall be responsible for the transport costs incurred by moving the product to a service location and back. All costs incurred by any products sent to warranty service without good cause shall be charged by us. The warranty is valid only for products which have been paid in full. The warranty only covers such cases as occur during normal use undertaken according to use instructions, and which are reported to EG-Trading Oy immediately after the fault occurs during the warranty period. Warranty repairs or service does not lenghten the warranty period. The warranty shall not cover any indirect or consequential damages, loss of production, delay of income, or other comparable damages, and EG-Trading Oy shall in no way be held liable for any such damages. EG-Trading Oy shall only be liable for defects explicitly included in these warranty terms or in the warranty terms of purchasing contracts. EG-Trading Oy shall not accept other liabilities concerning sold products and consumer goods. The limitations of liability shall however not apply to liabilities created by compelling provisions of Finnish law valid at the time of signing the purchasing contract.

Returning products paid for by collect on delivery or a bank payment:

The customer may return products free of charge within 14 days of redeeming the product.
The returned product must be intact, and the product and packaging must be in a condition fit to sell.
The customer may return the products free of charge via Posti as a return product.
If the delivered product is defective, we shall not reimburse the returned product.
Opened or used products can not be returned.

Delivery costs

Delivery costs depend on the ordered products, their number, weight, and size.
Delivery costs start at €18 per order (incl. VAT 24%).

Products sold online are mainly delivered as postal packages, in which case the delivery costs are €18.
Products that cannot be delivered via Posti due to their size or weight shall be delivered directly to the customer by a van (capital region and nearby areas only) or by Kaukokiito service (all of Finland).
In this case, we shall charge the actual delivery costs based on the size and weight of the delivered products and the delivery distance.
If the ordered products cannot be sent via Posti, we will notify the customer of the delivery costs before the delivery, so that the customer may either accept or cancel the order.

It is also possible to collect products at our offices (in Tammisaari and Nummela), in which case no delivery costs will be charged. Please get in touch via mail or over the telephone if you would like to collect the products yourself.

Products bought from our webshop can only be shipped to an address in Finland.

Payment methods

Collect on delivery - The order is paid for when collecting it from Posti.

Advance invoice - The products are invoiced from the customer in advance and delivered as soon as payment is made. Ordered products will be held for 5 days, after which time the order will be cancelled unless the advance invoice has been paid.

For businesses, we also offer invoicing with a 14-day payment term.


All webshop prices include VAT 24%.