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EPDM rubber mat can be used to cover waste stations, to line water pools, in drains, and to protect groundwater. It can be seamed to be completely tight, and feedthroughs for pipes can be made with tight protection pieces. The rubber mat moves along with soil settlement and movement.

MIA-Tex Cultivation cloth is a spunbonded geotextile, 18g / m2 and 30g / m2, respectively, made of polypropylene (PP). The cloth warms the soil, which accelerates the vegetation and makes it possible to sow, plant and harvest earlier. The cloth is useful both in spring and early summer as it protects the plants from both cold and wind. In winter, the cloth is used for winter storage of fragile plants such as geraniums, citrus and olive trees.

Drainage mat with geotextile on both sides. Drainage mats are often used instead of gravel drainage layers, mostly on membranes and hard surfaces such as stone and concrete.

MIA Geomembrane FPP is a soft membrane which is easy to shape. Memranes made of PP is therefore used as a top cover for landfills, in delay pools, in open water ponds and other places where there is need for a flexible membrane.

MIA Geomembrane GCL contains clay minerals compressed between a woven and a needle-felted geotextile. The membrane has a swelling and self-healing effect, which makes the bentonite resistant to possible cracks. Our bentonite mats are pre-prepared for splicing with extra bentonite.

MIA Geomembrane HDPE is a harder and stiffer membrane for large and small installations. The membrane has high chemical resistance and good durability. HDPE is therefore used in bottom seals of landfills, sealing of ditches where there is a risk of pollution and in the mining industry.

LDPE 0.5mm is a geosynthetic lilner made of low density polyethylene. The membrane has a lower density than HDPE and thus does not have the same high chemical resistance. LDPE is also softer and more compliant than HDPE. LDPE 0.5mm can be used as surface protection against damage caused by dirt and during transport as well as assembly and storage.

MIA Geomembrane LLDPE is a soft and easy-to-work membrane for large and small installations. LLDPE membranes have a lower density than HDPE, are thus softer and do not have the same high chemical resistance. LLDPE is often used on top cover of landfills, ditches and other structures where there is a need to shape the fabric.

MIA Geomembrane Radon is a radon-protective liner system on and in basic structures and for burial in soil.

MIA-Grid FRP is a woven self-adhesive geogrid of fiberglass for reinforcement and stabilization of asphalt layers. Asphalt reinforcement is laid on the old bottom coating where it acts as a stress-breaking layer and prevents old cracks, settlements and weaknesses from returning to the newly laid asphalt.

MIA-Grid HDPE 65kN is a uniaxial geogrid made of high density polyethylene. Uniaxial geogrids mainly have tensile strength in one direction. The product is used for areas where good tensile properties and reinforcement of bearing layers are needed. Soil reinforcement when re-laying roads increases the service life and reduces the development of rutting in the pavement.

MIA Grid PET is a woven and laminated geogrid made of polyester for reinforcement of base layers, erosion protection and retaining walls. PET provides a more compliant and more manageable geogrid and is offered in much stronger variants than is possible with a geogrid of eg PP.

MIA-Grid PP is an extruded geogrid made of polypropylene (PP). It is a biaxial net with tensile strength in two directions. The product is used for areas where good tensile properties and reinforcement of bearing layers are needed.

MIA Storm Smart is a simple solution for prefabricated stormwater reservoirs. The magazines are prefabricated under controlled conditions to simplify and optimize on-site installation.


- Delay and collection of stormwater

- Driveable

- Inspectable and flushable

- Standard 160mm inlet / outlet

- Can be adapted to the customer's wishes

- Quick and easy to install

MIA-Tex PETW is a woven geotextile made of polyester (PET) and is used as a base reinforcement against loose foundations and for static loads for the construction of roads, tracks, sites, slopes, retaining walls and between piles for relief (high strength). The textile absorbs liquid and can therefore be used in water as it sinks to the bottom.

Stitched PP protective geotextile to protect e.g. geomembranes where thickness and penetration resistance matter.