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Speciality green roofs

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ZinCo has expanded the benefits of green roofs by developing solar panel support structures. With the innovative Solar Base solution, it is possible to integrate solar power into a green roof system without penetrating the roof structure. The green roof structure will keep the solar panel structure in place with its own weight. Solar panels can be used to generate electricity and to heat water.

The word “retention” in water management refers to a balancing effect in water storage instead of draining runoff water into the pipe system. The need for retention grows as the weather conditions change (e.g. local heavy rain), otherwise the rainwater drainage system may become overloaded.

The number of densely populated urban centres is ever growing. As more than half of the people in the world live in cities now, there is a natural increase in the need for residential and infrastructural building. Untouched land and green zones are ever more rare, which results in the loss of agricultural land.

The spread of species in a roof environment can be increased by varying the thickness and type of the soil, by installing rock, sand, or gravel surfaces and/or by using drywood and stones. This also promotes biological diversity. The most important thing to do is to ensure that the roof structure allows this.