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Dividing wall – Separo


Separo dividing walls can be used to beautifully divide walls both indoors and outdoors. Five (5) different sizes. These dividing walls allow light and shade to play beautifully in indoor and outdoor spaces. The products are made of galvanised metal and come in grey RAL 7035 colour. The Separo has a strong stand made of galvanised steel or aluminium with a weight stone inside. The aluminium stand with the weight must be ordered separately. Other tones by order, ask for a quote.

Technical information: 

Separo sixes

1200  44x7,5 cm, height 118 cm, weight 5 kg

1400  68x7,5 cm, height 118 cm, weight 7 kg

1600  52x7,5 cm, height 158 cm, weight 7 kg

1800  108x7,5 cm, height 158 cm, weight 14 kg

2000  108x7,5 cm, height 198 cm, weight 18 kg