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Intensive green roof

ZinCo roof gardens

The intensive green roof is most easily comparable with a garden built on a roof. They are usually versatile and easily accessible. They require a heavier and deeper structure. Care is regular and depends on landscaping and the chosen plant material. Everything from grass to perennials and from bushes to trees is possible depending on the depth of the seedbed, including other landscaping elements such as ponds, pergolas, and terraces.

Our products

“Roof garden” is a versatile green roof structure with high water retention capacity. It fits lawns, perennials, and bushes and trees when using a deeper subsoil layer. Can be combined with e.g. walkways, terraces, driveways, and play areas.

So far, lightweight solutions have been available only for extensive roofs. ZinCo opens up new possibilities with their product Aquatec® AT 45, which removes limitations and innovates capillary irrigation. 

This system solution is ideal for simple semi-intensive green roofs with blooming perennials and fragrant herbs. The selection of plants includes tough perennials, hay plants, and low bushes that form a visually pleasing vegetation. Requires only little care after it takes root.